I am such a sucker for trendy skincare. Any new “fad” item you might see on Instagram or TikTok I have likely tried or at the very least have watched a couple of YouTube videos about. That being said, whenever I started seeing influencers packing skincare mini fridges with jade facial rollers and sheet masks start to pop up on my social feeds, I felt an immediate urge to purchase. However, between the price point varying from $30 to $60 on Amazon and other sites, and my lacking shelf space, it had me questioning if this fad was actually worth it. I could just put my products in the fridge! But is that even worth it?

As it turns out, keeping your products and tools in the fridge might not have as many benefits as IG influencers would have you believe. But for those of us who enjoy feeling a little extra pampered during our skincare routine, it might be just what you need.

The general consensus is that you don't need a skincare fridge for products to be more effective

Do You Need To? Not Really. Should You? It Depends.

After doing some research on the subject, the general consensus around whether or not you should be keeping your skincare chilled is no. You don’t need to keep your skincare products and tools in the fridge for them to be more effective. The products we use are created and manufactured to be stable and effective on our shelves at room temperature. Even unstable ingredients like vitamin C are impacted by oxidation rather than temperature. Furthermore putting your skincare in the fridge can solidify certain serums and oils, making them less effective or in some cases, completely useless. Plus, there is no scientific evidence that keeping your favorite skincare products in the fridge helps to extend their shelf life. 

You also have to think about how hygienic keeping your products in the fridge actually is – are you really going to keep your $70 night cream next to raw chicken and leftovers? I don’t think so. Even if you were to splurge on a skincare mini fridge, they take up a decent amount of shelf space and electricity to run.


If you love keeping your skincare cool, don’t despair! Putting some parts of your routine in the fridge still has its benefits, even if they’re not a necessity:

The cold constricts blood vessels, helping to give the skin a firmer, tighter appearance

Helps with Inflammation and Puffiness

Keeping your eye creams and facial rollers cool can help reduce puffiness and inflammation in the face and under the eyes. The cold constricts blood vessels, helping to give the skin a firmer, tighter appearance, which is especially beneficial for those trying to reduce those pesky undereye bags.

May Help with Rosacea

The cold can help soothe some of the swelling and irritation associated with rosacea. The key here is to keep it cool not freezing cold. The extreme cold can trigger a flare-up in some rosacea sufferers. If you have rosacea and are unsure if you should try chilling your skincare, contact your dermatologist first!

It Can Help Store Probiotics & Other Organic Ingredients

While a majority of skincare products contain ingredients that are stable and effective at room temperature, there are exceptions! Some products contain live probiotics that are more effective and potent when stored in a chilled environment. Think of those LUSH masks that are sold refrigerated! Perfect example.

A skincare fridge could be required to maintain maximum potency if you make your own aloe vera gel

Helps Relieve Sunburned Skin

As someone who gets a good sunburn at least twice a summer, let me tell you how incredible aloe gel from the fridge feels. If you make your own aloe vera gel by scooping the flesh from a fresh aloe plant, refrigeration is required to maintain maximum potency (for up to a week!).

It Feels Amazing

If there are any immediate benefits to keeping your skincare products in the fridge, it would be that it simply feels amazing and luxurious. Sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself, and this is an easy and cheap way to feel extra pampered.

Skincare Fridges Do Look Adorable

I will also add that while perhaps superfluous, those skincare mini fridges do look really cute! If you’re an influencer or looking to be one, they might be worth the extra couple of bucks just for the IG Reels alone.

Our Fave Skincare to Keep in the Fridge

If you want to keep your skincare in the fridge, make sure your designated spot is clean and sanitized. You might even want to claim a whole shelf in your fridge for skincare…go for it! We don’t judge.

Here are some products to stock in your skincare fridge

If you’re looking to stock your skincare shelf or mini fridge, here are some of our fave products to keep cool: 

  1. Facial rollers

Check out some of our faves here: Jade, rose quartz, and ice roller

  1. Gua sha stones

Not all stones are created equal, check out the best according to experts here

  1. Eye creams and treatments

Try chilling our Eternal Youth Eye Cream or our Forever Young Firming Eye Gel!

  1. Aloe

The SunBum Aloe Vera Gel is a great vegan and hypoallergenic option you can find on Amazon. 

  1. Sheet masks

Nothing says self care like a good sheet mask! Give the Sephora Collection sheet masks a try with their Holy Sheet collection

  1. Facial mists

Check out the ultimate hydrating mist guide from Allure here to find the perfect mist for your skin type. 

  1. Water or aloe-based moisturizers and masks

Try keeping our Forever Young Face and Neck, Wrinkle Warrior By Day Cream, Soothe My Skin Mask, Smooth and Sexy Skin Lotion, and GlyLactic Glow nice and cool in your fridge! Try to avoid any oil-based moisturizers or heavy creams that could solidify in the cold. 

  1. Organic or homemade skincare

Whether it’s a mask from LUSH or some extra DIY skincare, keep it in your fridge to keep it fresh and effective!

Keepin’ It Cool with Gourgues Glow

Whether or not you want to keep your skincare in the fridge, that’s entirely your choice. Part of what makes skincare fun is that it’s unique to you. Afterall, no one knows your skin better than you do! That’s why Michelle Gourgues Lucas, a  Licensed Esthetician, Certified Aesthetic Laser Technician, Certified PCA Skin Professional, and spa owner created Gourgues Glow, the first skincare brand of its kind that lets skincare lovers choose their own products. It’s simple! Click one of our three gift box options: Silver, Gold, or Platinum, pick your skincare products, and have it shipped right to you or a loved one!

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